What We Do

Healthy growth improves the quality of live

Consultancy services
DanCare help clients improving the sales in Denmark and Germany and execute assignments such as:

  • Assisting you in building your local business strategy
  • Searching for and identification of you future business partner
  • Organizing of visiting programmes in Denmark
  • Search for product-specific market data.
  • Investigation of product-specific regulatory issues

Your local representative office

DanCare can represent your company as local representative office, providing your company with a well-functioning local sales presence and operating as an integrated part of your company.

DanCare‚Äôs sales concept is designed to match companies requiring direct sales services with close contact to business partners and key persons, but without the need of a permanent external sales organisation.

Market reports
Based on the need of your company, DanCare develops individuually designed reports of the pharmaceutical sector in Denmark and Germany.